An accurate representation of F2P vs P2P!

Tell me it doesn’t feel like this for free to play players at the moment?


I think you may have overestimated the FTP experience…2* Mac might be more appropriate…“well at least I’ve got headshot as my rush…”


Urgh, this is literally how it felt trying to beat the OP as hell teams. This is so accurate!


my dwight, mich, holly, ty and siddiq loves these teams

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Not a bad f2p attack


How did you screenshot MY game?!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hmm your missing the other screen shot where someone says that’s an easy team to beat but then fails to mention that they have a roster of God’s lol

I recommend using yellow rick and some toons that give control but dont hit super hard. Its a pain and its overwhelming. Especially since they are just stating the release of new legacies that have been leaked for months and they still need 3 more months to do release them and they likely wont be that great. Unfortunately this is where the game is and they have made it near impossible to catch up without pulling promos they throw out weekly at us.

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Faced almost this exact team with my f2p team and almost won (time ran out and had 1 Negan left).

Being f2p is like being the dude in cuck pornos that watchs his girl get thrashed by some other guy whilst, being p2w is like the the guy thats actually fukn the girl. No fun or action at all.


Out of 15 regions or whatever is was.No body even tried vs these teams outside the top 3.
pretty sure we all hit the retreat button.
Not worth the points wasting time killing them.

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This type of team is in my region. My first time trying it with my f2p team I almost beat it, which I thought was hilarious considering it must have cost a lot to get the team.

well the defending team seems to have spent a bit more money and therefore deserves an advantage.

the more appropriate graphic is pitting teams of similar cost. in which case it should be rocket abe vs rocket abe.

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