Amusement Park vs Strictly Business part 2

I thought it was abusement?


This has turned out to be a dud.

There’s still 2 days left of war. Things could change.

All those people on the sidelines with their 100k scores per weekend already starting to judge SB after a couple of losses :joy:

4 savage losses lol. And i have 220k

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Awww man. The good old days when scores would get that high. Miss those fights :confused:

Dont think I’ver seen a score so high before!


Its getting interesting now!


Not really

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But I’m glad you guys are excited, just wish you wouldn’t have to pay for repairs

Thanks the new offense toons. The 70-80% win rate has been demolished and is back to 95%+

Lmao… goodbye time out meta.



Nemesis doesn’t play games when he get in a war probably the best player in game not including Russian regions that cheat the system and there region doesn’t report them

If you disagree with me don’t reply My honest opinion and if you get mad not my fault

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Not mad, just think there is a better player out there

About time to see some life out of SB. What’s the head to head record?

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Wow we have a fanboy here :joy::joy::joy::joy: