Amusement Park vs Strictly Business part 2

Here we go again! Second go around. AP came out on top last time. Let’s see who has it this time?

Hopefully the keep the thread updated with scores

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Scopely can profit so hard off this, and it brings some much needed action to the forums and game.

Did the mad hatters get anyone interesting?

we got the matchup we wanted facing Days after rodeo of Montgomery

Reporting for fodder duty in this match up. Bleh. Lol

Likewise. See you on the battlefield.


Prepare for the wrath of Collateral Joshua. :joy:

We’re not just fodder, we’re fodder with slightly challenging teams lol

Might take 4 waves instead of 3 to kill us. :joy::joy:


SB come again the faction that doesn’t share territory’s with there region ?
Even stacking crust with heavy whale teams

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Ive never had whale crust. Is it similar to cheese-stuffed? :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Can AB just transfer to regions where SB is warring so we don’t have to face you guys?

If Scopes would get the matching right, they’d just war each other the whole weekend. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that. :+1:

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1st of many


2nd. Im not doing this all night

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Wow, this is not what i expected

We took some losses early and recovered from it. Hopefully SB can turn it around and we get a real show of it all.

Not gonna lie. Wish I was in it.


fr tho livesteam