Amplification 4th level for reds

Hi, tell me about the arsenal
Amplification 4th level for reds
Pain Spread: When attacking a debuffed target, spread 1 debuff to an adjacent enemy for two turns
Does this spread the bleed?

Yes, it does.

thanks, then this is the best for Raulito!

Except bleed is not a debuff. Def down is an example of a debuff.

I’m using it on Raulito with Jiafeng: 600 bleed for everyone immediatelly, after Jiafeng attack one toon has 1800+ bleed, then Raulito attacks the same toon and another one gets 2400+. So yes, bleed is a debuff, as is all negative effects in this game.


Does it spread total bleed for sure? Like if someone has say 1300 bleed from say raulito, Shiva and some 100 bleed mod proc. It doesnt pass the 100 proc it passes the full 1300?

It does spread the full amount of bleed debuff that a toon has on it in current turn. Bleed stacks, different sources doesn’t count as separate debuffs but adds up. Tested this in beta today.
It works as description says - every debuff except infection. All stats down, crowd control effects, disarm, damage over time.

Can you test this in beta too?

For the weapon stat that adds 150 bleed damage, does it proc on every instance of a bleed damage update?

Eg: Id expect 150 added to bleed from mods, but does the 150 add on when Lacerator is activated?

Does the 150 stack with 4 other +150 bleed weapons? Does it affect Hemorrhage?

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