Amber? S-Class Characters? The Future of RTS

This is getting good…


You hate me yet you like me, as evident by those SS, thats a weird paradox :rofl:

Oh the cringe in those other lame comeback attempts! :roll_eyes: lol may work on a school kid, goodluck with that.
You got the L when those SS were posted dude! take it like a man and let it slide.
Anyway, my last post was the mic drop moment as stated in the gif above :joy:.
I am moving on to more entertaining stuff. This is boring.

You think your posting of a screenshot says all and gives you some form of credibility, huh? What does it matter if I liked comments of you in the past? :joy: You are disgusting, Lil Sally. You are no good human being. I know it, the most people in here know it and I am sure your parents would agree with me on this too. Outside of forums you would never open your mouth, never speak up and show courage.

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This escalated for no reason. Jeez.


Sometimes after a shit day of life people like to come on the internet to have a fight i guess :man_shrugging:

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Ooohhh what a surprise , are you actually complaining about scopley strategy !?!?
Aren’t you the one who makes the last 5* tokens wheels update (in one way or another )
Lori , Romanov ,.,…
Aren’t this your list ?
Well you should be happy , scopley makes your dream true
I think you should make another list bro ,
Maybe you can add Green beta , red Jesus and Anna this time . they haven’t been in the 5* wheel before
And scopley will make your dream come true again , cause they love to listen to what players want
Enjoy the game

Did you expect anything else :joy:
This is your average internet dude

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Looks like he is squeezing out a really big poop with peanuts in it and its stuck halfway and hurts making him all sweaty

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Lol damn bruh you going to have to go into every thread now that you liked him in and take back those hearts just to shut him up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The funny part about Amber is that yes, she’s a beast! She doesn’t really need to be more powerful…she’s in my main attack team.

Enter payback toons…

With 3-4 payback toons on a team, she’s rendered a bit powerless. Even one payback toon, if the rng hits that toon, the team is done. So yeah, while she’s op already, against some teams she’s not as great as she is on paper. I’ve had to set a completely different team up for defenses filled with payback.:man_shrugging:t3:

Use the other follow up toon. He’s pretty great for payback teams :wink::wink::wink:

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She’s the only one I have currently, but if I get that one, I’ll definitely give it a try.