Amber? S-Class Characters? The Future of RTS

Amber screenshot is everywhere, S-Class character has dropped before ToC weekend and the lack of balance in the game is at all time low. The future of RTS is not looking fantastic.

S-Class will have been a known release for a while on Scopely’s side, yet a major lack of strength building blocks within the wider player base means this is a massive leap in power and will heavily decrease fun & enjoyment for the majority of people, in a word: Dread.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the happiest you could be
How much are you enjoying your overall RTS experience right now?

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Balance the power within the game, create attainable event character structures that are engaging, formulate newer player avenues to get to a reasonable strength, create more diversity within promos - in essense make the game a bit more fun with what you have already created.


Oof. This is gonna be a low number. Mine has certainly dropped in the last month.


I’d pick 0 on the scale, rts’ future is looking trash


Game 1
Forums 7


Forums are more entertaining than the whole game


As a recently retired player I agree with this statement 100%… I’m just here to watch the world burn at this point


Got me some 20k coins and a gold rush couple of 40 pulls. 10/10. I’m easily bought :grin:


pretty much what I said in there is success and progress is all RNG based




Scopely said that S-tier toons could be obtained only through museums. Apparently, they broke their word literally a day after.
On the other hand, this might be a fake. Why are there two plus buttons? Oh, and there are no cosmetic changes whatsoever (though Pete had the same thing).

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Best part of the video


Nobody really knows what to make of this content. How long ago were Magna and Lee leaked? This could still be a year away or it could have been scrapped.


I was going to put 10after getting 20k coins from latest event and 20k from skullgate…however after spending the whole lot on premium pulls for negan Diego and this latest promo and getting yellow Lydia disarm Michonne and no latest premiere for what amounts to 500 dollars in pulls it brings home the reality of just how much money you can waste on this game. So it’s a 5 from me.
Might push it to 6 if I get another 20k coins lol

Yup indeed, just like old survey questions about weird stuff (anyone remember the talk about vehicles?) I’m sure there were graphical representations of those too.

Fake or real, coming or not: S-Class is here, so the balance issue is still huge.


Smart idea if the rings are some what easily obtainable, and maybe a little cheaper. But we all know it will be behind a very large paywall. And i am no means a ptp person idk who in the right mind can even keep up with spending how u need to anymore… but maybe there seeing this power creep they caused and their trying to fix it? Doubtful but we can all hope.

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There always was that factor. What RTS needs before introducing a next tier of class is a big 6* giveaway event. Compared to 5*s there’s not all that many about. The competition should be getting closer, or at least the majority on the same tier before they introduce a next stepping stone.

At the moment some still run Gen 1 teams. Competition should be all Gen2 and wins determined by which Gen2 toon that is before 7* or S class are needed to arrive.

Saying this, nothing’s being confirmed about Amber. I think this could just be an early testing for a far-future step yet which is buried somewhere in game code. With S-class just coming out, I don’t see this promotion being any time before the end of summer, at least. Even Scopely wouldn’t kill the Spend class idea so soon lol


Ya. Horrible horrible idea. Plenty of f2p still using gen 1 toons. Gen 2 have just came out. But this is the only logical step when you release ridiculous op toon after op toon. I’m really hoping they only release like one every three months but I highly doubt it.


Wouldn’t it be great if they focused on the LOADS of 5*s that have not been ascendable yet? THEN focus on S-Class? Why do this, especially now? COOL YOUR JETS! PUMP THE BRAKES and realize what you are doing to your game.


Vet rings could be cool if they were awarded in every event and could upgrade the stats of any 6 star

But S tier is wack, they need to make it so you can only have One S tier toon per team. Like a boss character, one per team… probably not the case though


The only way I see to keep surviving right now is to kick this game to the curb like a bad habit.