Amazon game app


When trying to open the game it says it needs the new update but when I hit the update button in game it goes to Google play store even though it is Amazon game download. If I go to Amazon game store it has no update.


Same thing happening with my iPhone.


Mine downloaded the apk file. I’m no expert but maybe it’s because you’re not using an Amazon device? It’s sorta like when I do an offer that requires an app that’s on GPS but not in the Appstore and instead of taking me to the Google store, it takes me to the Appstore.


Had to go into folders delete the update from the other day, hit the update again, go back to folders and when done downloading open the file. Took a couple tries first couple times popped up with the picture below third time it worked.
I’m on Android.

Also thank you Tony821 for steering me in the right direction.


Happened to me to. Update via the amazon app. Worked for me.


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