Amazing Raven wheel Woooww

I did a couple single pulls for Raven and got Gen 1 Viktor… That made me check the whole wheel.

So Scopley can you explain me why you putting absolute garbage gen 1 toons that you gave away like 5 times in premier wheel? Why not put something that is just remotely relevant? Getting an acendance even if it’s not the one promoted should always make you feel good. This makes me more unhappy than getting 4 stars.


Better try out #PlayersUnited


It’s league coins. I was spending like 400 $ a month but stopped after they started pumping out completely broken characters and S-class, my subscriptions on last days too.


Why spend like that? It’s no skill. it’s pull promo and win. If you don’t pull promo you wasted money because you’ll get nothing else of value. How is it even fun to know you’re winning due to promo/ money spent? That’s a twisted idea of fun.

Here’s a fun game. You and a friend take some money. Whoever burns the most wins. Then you can say in your face!


I’m mainly playing on PC CS-Go, LoL, Dota 2 and countless games like Dark Souls, Strategy games and so on. Mobile games never have more than 5% skill involved its 80% luck and spending, 15% basic game/mechanics knowledge. So if you really cared about skill in this game you wouldt be playing it.


Boom. And for that type of money over a few months you could have a real good time in Vegas.


Boom. And for the amount of time you spend judging me and probably countless others you could used your time on something productive, read a book or spend more time with family and friends but here we are :wink:


I’ll never understand why some people count other people’s money. Jealousy breeds contempt, I suppose


Judging your spending, 2 seconds. Spending a vehicle payment on pixels, pure genius!!!


Why is it such a big deal to you how and why ppl spend money? I can spend mine and still spend a week in Vegas alsonpkay the game. Does that hurt you? Nothin the slightest. Worry about your game and not others please.


Killing time at work. Can’t read a book here, too obvious. Don’t take things so personal. Glad you stopped spending on this shi tshow.

I generally don’t care how people spend their money but don’t spend it then come in here asking why their wheel is so sh itty. It’s because you’re spending? Duh? If you don’t like it, don’t spend and it may change. If not, your spending proves it’s fine or you have a problem.

I never complain in here about how anything with wheels. But I find it funny your complaining and worrying about ppls spending on the game. You just stated your at work and can’t read a book it’s to obvious…how conebyour not worrying about how your employer is spending their money on employees?

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Im not complaining. I didn’t make the post. 2nd - I don’t know said person so I’m not worried about him in the least. Stop projecting.

Projecting that’s funny

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Because… Yellow Kal

Isn’t it though?

Hahaha what would I be projecting? I’m laughing

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Keep laughing. Maybe you’ll figure it out.

projecting is the one blasting ppl for their spending while being hypocritical. Maybe the company you work for should look into that. I made my opinion stated and you had to say I was projecting.