Am I too far gone?

I’m almost prestige 12. Am I a whale yet?

insert attention here


Nope, still annoying though


Hey, Aeris isn’t that bad.
He’s better than that Fedichini guy.

Who’s Fedichini?

Some weirdo troll who had like 7 accounts.

Am I too far along?

1119 days, halfway passed on points?
I don’t\haven’t spent in 3+yrs, at this point I want to see if I can get the points before nighttime.


What happens after the sunset?

Also haven’t been able to get free coins for 2 years plus. All I get is this, checked today bc I really want Piper-

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You have a shorter login streak than me and much higher prestige points. Whale, no, maybe a guppy?

I was playing for like a month when prestige first came out, my streak got messed up because I couldn’t access the game for a few days because my tablet broke.

Fehlerfrei you mean.


I was close enough lol

Just because I’m p13 and have 3 waylands it doesn’t mean I’m a whale


Darn guess I got in them feels

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