Am I the only one who noticed this or what

That as soon as there’s a p2p issue they jam measures against it so quick and talk about rollouts as if to punish players for their mistake which they usually do the opposite of just cause it’s a p2p function lol


That’s what businesses do; they prioritize issues that is causing them to lose money. Sucks that priority is given over other long time issues, but if it was your business, you’d do the same too.


They gave US the proof that a “Quick Fix” is not a chimera… And they gave US twice in a row in two days. So… Now i’m sitting here , i’ve cigarettes , beers and food , waiting to see next (quicker) bullshit

Most company’s put more into the business than Scopley does though imo.
Or seem to do

Pretty sure there is still those territory bugs that have been around for over a year I believe that they have yet to fix. But they can fix this Andrea thing up within an hour. Funny how things work.


lol if it was my business we wouldn’t make the same mistake over and over they jammed a quick fix out within hours idk why they can’t just make a successful release they have time but they shove it out so fast and the rollout threat lmfao

Ala Fight Club: “Apply the formula. Does it make money? If no, do nothing. If yes, Run around like hair on fire. implement poorly thought out fix. Bonuses for screwing as many players as possible.”

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