Am I the only one who doesn't like old school arena?

I’ve pretty much only been using epics as fodder, or leveling up to ascend.
I barely have any epics left to level for no reason.
I could just be a bad player too, which is a possibility.

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Gives you a chance to work on it and have fun

I love it personally. Just don’t like when it’s endurance


I started playing the game right around the time 6 star Ezekiel was released and never got any OP 5 stars during the 5 star era so Old School arena gives me PTSD to the times when my 5 star team was getting annihilated as opposed to the current era where my 6 star teams get annihilated.

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Old school is the only fun arena. About the only reward people have who played since launch.


No, I hate it too.


Boo! Its the best one!


It is my favorite Arena it’s the only one I can win since my roster isn’t full of S-class LOL


Been playing since almost 4 years and have gotten the best 5* (in my opinion) during 6* toon era, especially in the past 1 1/2 years. It sure sucks for people who couldn’t get many decent teams of 5* toons but they might have more advantages in other arena modes when I suck. :joy:

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I put mods on them to annoy people so more people start hating it

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Its the only arena i enjoy. The rest is pretty boring


I prefer draft because I can try out toons I’ll have in 3 years.


Its my favorite one and i love endurance mode. Everyone thinks the domination is better but it’s really rng dependent, endurance, just save your tickets and go for a big push. Im gonna win this arena and win 30 rings and then save again for like 2 weeks for another push like this. 0 coins or money spent. Also better to hit as soon as it starts before people build their teams, weaponsb mods, etc. I got lucky with this and no one had stun, impair, absolute defense, etc. So i got some easy points. I believe @CLIFTON87 did a breakdown of this.

Yep, and the week after I did the Breakdown they changed the milestones which threw it out of whack, but fortunately they have been changed back and the old formula works.

Milestones need to be reworked, they suck lol

Im I the only 1 with their tickets missing

They’re not great, but they were stretched even further for 1 week. I’d rather it be like this than it was for that 1 week. (edit: AH! Spotted it! That conditioning for worse prizes I talk about, I knew I was just as susceptible!)

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I like it. Turn 1 teams are fun.


Lol I do all arenas last minute, the one that I hated 2nd place the most is 5s, currently the one I like the least is the one that asks for role toons

I got 1st twice in domination with 2 additional ticket tries each lol.

Domination is more worth it for me.