Am I the only one SICK of CRW?

Sure it’d be fun every so often. But ■■■■■■■ hell I sure as hell don’t enjoy it every god damn war time. The prizes aren’t even decent for the effort put in. Joke of an event.


dIDnT yOu QuIt?!111


I agree the prizes are lackluster, but war is the only reason many of us play anymore.


I can’t even enjoy war when Scopely has made abominations like Cameron Scarr


Win some lose some

Didn’t you quit?

:grin::grin: CRW > aow :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:


scarr is a beast.

Didn’t you quit?

Dont say like that, war is now only reason for fac to kick or hire new good players, its like measuring **** across regions who had deeper pockets, better luck getting super p2w def combination.

War is fun for the first couple of hours or so. I think anyone that seriously enjoys spending their weekends glued to a phone warring has issues. :neutral_face:

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At least with AOW you can get decent rewards for not finishing at the top.

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6v6 is better having 8 on at this stage of the game for whole weekend is tough.


Another post just complaning…just quit. again.

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Sad state of affairs with the prizes more than anything.

CRW #1 - The top prizes:

Brand new Maggie, Gov for 2nd was very good too. Andrea/Rocky not bad either.

Now we’re fighting for less than a 10th of an S class & war tokens for mediocre toons bar Harper.

Please Scopes, just give us something exciting for a change.


all those toons are trash now!

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What prices you mean those red velvet cakes that you accumulate that can’t be used unless you spend money to acquire characters that are .02% chance.

No you’re not the only one who sick of CRW.

I feel like the last three wars were nothing more than a pucker up in the butt cheeks for this Whales.

The good old days :slight_smile:

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Except that was the rage one where matchups were completely unfair for some regions.

This game peaked back then.

As opposed to the current state where nearly all matchups are completely unfair for EVERYONE in EVERY region.