Am I screwed for the road rage event?

So I’d like to get that red Sandy (need that decap), but I’m currently 15k short in tires. That means I’d need to get around 2450 tires per day from here out to make it.

Ignoring the battery requirements for a moment, is that even possible?

Totaling up the roadmaps gives 1691 per day, leaving me 760 tires per day short.

Raiding seems to give out an average 5 tires per raid, so I’d theoretically need to do 151 raids per day to make up that difference. That’s not exactly practical.

Am I missing some way of getting more tires?

Ya sales :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve seen some sales with 1000 tires in them, and then rng crates that use coins to have a small chance at tires. Outside of that, doesn’t look good for you

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Collection ends in 6 days so fair assumption that roadmaps will be up for another 5 days. You should be fine.

You will not be able to achieve your goal without buying offers.


I haven’t seen any offers for tires though?

There have been several each day, i think they average about 9.99$ for 1500. I currently do not have one up. Im sure there will be more before the event ends.

Here are some screenshots from ones i happen to take pics of this week. I was off on price, it is average of 14.99… but i bet that goes down a bit this week

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I would highly suggest starting to raid like a mad man since they drop in raids as well, seems to be the only other way other than the rd map

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With an average of 5 per raid. That alot of refills required. Batteries/keys and doing the roadmaps is by far the best way. And I’m not sure anyone who didn’t at least buy the start pack will have any chance tbh.

It would be impossible without buying offers

Are you that bad at math

every ftp is screwed in this event…im at 12k i dont even think i will get bruce​:unamused::unamused:

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Iam ftp and I have almost 16K now so not giving up

You had to buy something if you have 16 k


500 refills, 3000 raids and you are good

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I invested like 500 coins saved from leagues for those 100 coins crates only

Didn’t get the starter pack but got a couple offers on some keys that will get me there. Was able to pick up some batteries from coin offers

Yeah I did say "at least "
In other words its unlikely to be f2p.

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Only 300 coins to buy two key crates of 150… can be done but hard if you kissed those deals last week.