Am I missing something with my 6star Shiva?


I have noticed that sometimes, opponents get confused when I hit them with her rush, but they still attack me. I know Focused negates Confused, but I don’t believe the toons are focused. There is no indicator, and sometimes I think there is not even anyone in the other team who can focus them.


I dont know what you think confuse does, but it gives the enemy a 50% chance to hit a teammate instead of one of your characters


And no chance of using a rush. That’s what I use it for.


I guess I am missing the 50% part. But it seems like when my toons get confused, they attack a teammate 100% of the time.
Is this only in the higher tier of the rush? I’ll have to check that out.


That is just your perception. :slight_smile:


Probably is just me, but I will definitely keep an eye on that from now on. With that being said, is there somewhere that the statuses like Confuse & Evasion are actually listed as what they do? Seems like Leader Skills, AR & Actives explain what they do, but I can’t recall special statuses.
Thanks for helping me rectify this guys.


No chance of using anything but a basic attack, actually. Rush, active, guard, command, etc. It’s much better than impair.


50% of the time they attack your toons 100% of the time. :slight_smile:


Ummm right there on the front page of the forum is a combat reference guide… Use it. Tells you anything you need to know.


Haa. Well played.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks guys