Am I missing something here? Raven Elusive bug or Sandy Bug?


Howdy Folks,


Can anyone shed some light here? Playing around with Raven on attack, looks like Decap Sandy gained AP off Alpha while Alpha had elusive cast on her. Am I missing something silly/obvious? Elusive definition doesn’t mention anything about double attacks or unit dying leading to any Ap gain??



Is her active skill level 8 yet?


Hmmm interesting. I wonder if Sandy double tapping has anything to do with it. Like the first hit killed Alpha so the elusive was removed and then the second hit gained the AP. This of course should not be how it acts. Not too surprising that it would be bugged.


I’m not too sure now though, the AP gain is shown as soon as the first hit occurs


Yup, maxed Sam…


Is there reflect on alpha? Was hard to tell if sandy took damage




Time to put up my double Sandys


Might be a AP gain when enemy is killed issue. Sandy’s double attack on her knifes shouldn’t be generating AP normally anyways, and she didn’t kill Alpha until her second attack. (Dmg from 1st attack wasn’t high enough to kill Alpha)

I’m speculating It’s currently bugged to not factor in elusive is the target is killed.


Surprised this post is still quiet lol


the second attack can generate AP when attacking if the first attack didnt generate it. but i dont know if you can win ap when the target has elusive and you kill him/her


I think the double attack proc is pure damage in terms of mechanics. It’s acting the same whenever I double-attack a absolute defense toon


It’s pretty great in terms of countering ap-stopping mechanics but its still unreliable. Like back when nuetralize rosita was bugged to nuetralize close-percentage toons when her splash damage weapon proc’d


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@LadyGeek any thoughts? Don’t suppose you’re able to pass onto the bug people?


@ref looks like a bug to me. Can I request another video where you long-press to see actual AP instead of relying on the visual AP bar (in case it’s just a visual bug). You might need focus to do that against a shield though.


Hey LadyGeek,

Second video attached with long press on Sandy. Doesn’t look like a visual bug, Sandy is definitely gaining AP.


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Keep doing testing.

Eg: Is it just Sandy + Double Attack on kill that gets AP?
Do other characters also get AP if they kill your character with elusive?
Do other characters also get AP if they kill your character with elusive using Double Attack?
If Double Attack doesn’t kill your character, do they still gain AP?

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Thx :grin: video with another double-attack toon like Chris would be great.


Oh when I meant Double Attack, I meant Sandy’s weapon, not her multi-hit. So that does bring in a separate component that needs to be tested.

Kill with multi-Attack + Double Attack or
Kill with multi-Attack + no double attack.