Am I missing something... help please πŸ™„

You need s class Priya for that collection.

maybe the veteran rings is the problem?

That collection requires S Clas Priya. There is another one that uses regular 6* Priya

Yes, you are missing a 6 star Priya

Try the 27+ collection which you must have collected by now because it would have had a big obvious β€œCLAIM” button…

do you have 15k red velvet cakes or is that just my eyes

I see that so fit ain’t just your eyes. Lol

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If that is the Sclass collection then why is her level maxed at 90

Hit the big i button and then go to character profile. That collection is for S Class Priya.

Because Scopely cut and pasted from the 6* collection. #lazy

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