Am i misremembering the last prize on Michonne B roadmap?

Didn’t the last prize on the roadmap used to be a gold mod or am I going crazy? Now its showing up as a gold/silver/bronze mod

It always was a bronze/silver/gold box

I thought remembered seeing a gold mod somewhere as a reward on one of these. Must have been imagining, that’s too good a reward

On thr michonne x is the second to last reward a gold mod box

I legit have never heard anyone in my life use the term misremember, I honestly thought it was a made up word!

Today I learned a new word.

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I’m glad this mishmash of a topic was useful in some way

Its the kind of bullsht word that a politician would use. And given the amount of bullsht floating around in world politics right now I’m surprised it isn’t used more.

“I didn’t forget promising to lower taxes, I simply misremembered”

I’m misrember is also used by normal people and there was no need for thus random political statement
You don’t to. Cause a Jeff Davies in forums
Example of word used in normal terms
I misrember scopley being a good company that took feedback to heart and not the trash can

How about this one?

“The forum user misremembered basic grammar and sentence structure when responding to me on the forum"

I was trying to plant ideas of making mismeberberries so ppl can denote on sarcasm of scopley
E.g… We misremembered fixing territorys again


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