Am i imaginging it or


Is it me or does it seem like as soon as a team has lydia, tyreese jesus etc on it (basically prem toom) that their weapons get a boost to the amount of times they proc.

Is this OnShit-fest ive had a koa do ap down 20 times in a row and a jesus do abs def must me about 30 times

now im pretty sure my versions of those weapons dont work that much


There are better chances on a defence than on an attack


Always a 35% chance for a weapon special to proc, whether on defense or attack.


I’ve been raiding myself with another profile and it’s not lol
Must be rng who knows but I’ve played like 10 matches attacking with my team and 10 matches attacking my team, absolute defence were absolutely amazing on defence and mediocre on attack. But again I don’t know for sure since it’s rng based.


Ive seen shield michonne abs 12 times in a row


There may no actual proof of this but I agree with you totally. Same with resist mods. No way in hell a bronze stun resist with low chance should proc against all 5 of my guys.


Use a disarm it’ll get rid of that problem


That luxury you have… :expressionless::smirk::persevere:


Proof is in the pudding. I’ve seen it myself, heard from fac mates, and now here, that weaps on defense teams are proc-ing off the hook (especially? particularly? in Onslaught???)

Great. Now I want pudding.


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