Always lose against Scopely

Today, I bought that Maclenzie offer.

although I bought her, But I still think Maclenzie is too good to sell like this.

A Mind

  • No! you don’t need her! save your money and go buy some sushi for you!

B Mind

  • Fck him. go buy her. you know she is damn good

= Me

  • you are right B. coz I already bought her.

Always like this lol
yeah… :confused: scopely 1 : slave 0


Alternatively you could save up league points and get Sandy for free



Free Sandy has an active revive too?


Sandy is not remotely in the same “league” as Mac.

See what I did there. :smirk:


It’s always like this man.
Just keep this in mind, once you start it you won’t stop spending.
Or you just need to develop some self-discipline

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already got sandy lol

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Got sandy didn’t need her.

Have Mac since she was introduced and still use her to this day. Can beat the remove all status for your team.

You won’t be disappointed with her.


Not sure if serious but yes, yes she does

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Wasn’t a question, more like a “You know that this character has that right?”

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Not sure where you’re going with that because that was the point of my first post, you could pay $100 for Mac or just get the free active revive from the league store.

She isn’t that great I beat teams with her with ease so don’t be shocked when you are still getting destroyed on defense

Imo you just burned a Benny



Cool story bro, tell it again.
I thrash teams with McKenzie too, don’t be shocked if you’re still getting destroyed with McKenzie.

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Separate post that has no relation to yours.

boooooo :rofl:

Makes sense, my bad

Your post makes zero sense but ok

You can put up Sandy or McKenzie and still get wrecked so you saying you can wreck Sandy means nothing, she’s still a free active revive