Alternatives to TWD?

Summoners War for me too - playing that a lot more than rts lately. Infact I may uninstall RTS shortly. :slight_smile:


If Misschief uninstalls RTS then I uninstall RTS and will just have to creep on over to summoners war


Been on this too along with Raid. Best thing I love about Contest of Champions is if you grind hard enough in the arena you will get the featured champ. Decent social aspect too similar to this game


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Don’t leave us :heart:

I started GOH some time ago and came back to this just because of my time invested. GOH is very much like this in terms of game play and I did enjoy it because I’m also a star wars fan


Panda love :heart:

I’ve started on Injustice 2. Seems pretty decent at the moment but not sure if it will become p2w once I get competitive. For now though, I’m happy I’ve realised my lifelong ambition of being Batman.

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Raid: Shadow Legends(?) seems good so far. The graphics look great in my opinion.
It is a bit of a grind but an enjoyable grind.

Anybody already made experiences with the game Last Day on Earth: Survival?

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I’ve reverted to online spades…

I play raid shadow legends. Great game,easy to progress as f2p but there’s always good offers if you want to spend. There’s new player rewards to get gear and heroes and 90 login rewards,every 30 days is a heroe

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Zombie Strike is my main distraction these days. Less than a month in and I’m already level 89 with a 6* in my lineup. Some players are doing even better than I am. Forget this grindy train wreck and embrace a game that actually rewards you for your efforts.

Try Epic Seven, its probably one of the best mobile gatchas of 2019, and the developers are constantly improving the f2p experience for the game.
The game got the core mechanics of Summoners Wars and polished/improved it to a next level, really worth a shot

It’s official. I’ve actually spent again on a mobile game! I hope Injustice 2 enjoy the few quid I threw their way :kissing_heart:

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