Alternative woman's day poster! Hehe


Even better. Fits the whole screen and it’s got Clem.

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You win the internet today Muffintop… Mr. Muffintop.

Thank you thank you

loved it :smile:

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Very nice like it :smiley:

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Brah. Andrea is my main squeeze. And this is also the reason I opted to not include Mirabelle because she’s a sex symbol in game.

Priya stabbing Rosita over there…

My Queen!!! :tiger::tiger::tiger::tiger:


Very nicely done! :metal:

Yes I was looking g at that earlier when looking for images. It’s weird how she went from what seemed naive school girl eager to help to what she turned into

Nice pics! Imma steal it and put it on as my wallpaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Clem ftw!

I can’t wait to see the next (final?) chapter in her story, should be fantastic

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Me too! I hope when and if they do a rts crossover they will do better than last ones

Magna’s cleavage is still visible LOL
I got Clementine last week BTW.

Where is Mirabelle?!?! We can’t choose which women to celebrate we need them all!

I’ll make you a special Mirabelle one later