Alternative to rts

Alright so I bit the bullet and started raid shadow legends yesterday. Any takes on this game? Seems to be much less bs and a publisher that cares but it is also early game for me. Anyone else play and have any insights / advise vs RTS?


At this point. I think hello kitty: treasure island would be a better alternative to the turd of a game we have now.


You win sir


Guns of Boom is pretty awesome, well designed and the developers aren’t a pack of dimwits. I highly auggest it

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Best advice, get off mobile gaming unless its single player or an emulator or you buy the game flat out, all these “f2p” games seem to be the same on mobile. Some games i am playing on the side tho is… last day on earth, sas4, the walking dead no mans land, pixel furry survival z, plague inc and a gameboy advance emulator in which i have pokemon leaf green, mario, zelda, dragonball z: legacy of goku 1 and 2. I mostly play zombie games (i know big surprise with my name) or old games i grew up with, most of these games tho i hop on once every few days and play a bit, rts is a great game and its such a shame its being ruined by corporate greed. My real gaming is done on pc as most mobiles i have played are the same “give us your money” while they offer very little in competetive gameplay that requires skills. I hear marvel strike force and star wars galaxy of heros are very similar to rts in terms of playstyle, cant speak on them myself tho.


star wars galaxy of heroes

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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, Hungary Shark World, Hungary Dragon, & Assassin’s Creed Rebellion : RPG game. I was playing these before my main tablet started messing up.

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I am playing Brown Dust and I like it.

so many saying so many games well hey just go outside or have time with loved ones do not spend so much time on games maybe have a fun life :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pokemon Masters is really good.
The only thing you have to spend for is pulls (But you get a ton of free pulls)
I already have 3 of the best characters fully F2P after only playing for 2 days!

Every console/PC games. Mobile games are crap


Undead Nation really has me hooked at the minute.

I’ve been playing Raid. Best thing about the game that has kept me interested is that you can grind and earn what you need to get ahead without spending, and it has a decent reward system allowing you to gain powerful characters.

Recently started on Marvel Strike Force. I have liked it till now and if you want to spend, it looks way cheaper than this one.


A few of us just started to play Summoners War. I absolutely love it. It’s bright too so not as depressing as RTS lol I didn’t know my phone was capable of such colours. You can play it completely f2p but should you wish to spend it will just speed up the time it takes to do/achieve things rather than a full on power surge. I havent spent anything.

I’ve been playing for about a month now and in the past week ive played SW for 1d 5h and RTS for 5h…


Try board games… Many amazing options out there.

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i like last day on earth. My son has got back into it and he was showing me they have added loads of new stuff so might have to fire it up again.

But… There is a game coming out tonight, well an expansion which means my PS4 is gonna get a pounding… Monster Hunter World Expansion :heart_eyes:

Put 330 hours into the first one, All that entertainment for £40. Take note scopley, no one enjoys spending £100 and getting an old 5* thats basically just used for ascending

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Yea lots of new bosses and missions in ldoe and yup lol why would i spend $60 on rts when i can spend that on like humble bundle and get multiple triple A games and have that money go to charity

Few games I’m playing:

Dragon Ball Legends: F2P Friendly, possible to grind for pulls, decent rates for pulls (7% for SP with 1% for advertised new characters) always new events and content refresh

Auto Chess: Fully F2P, only skills matter

Not mobile but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of monster hunter world. It’s like Jurassic park except instead of the kids ruining everything you have nature ruining everything…

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