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What do you think about the alternative for rallies? expand the city. set three characters guarding, improve zombies, create traps, and put guns away could not be used elsewhere. I used to play walking dead no mans land and that’s how it looked. that’s why I came up with this idea. vote and express your opinion

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So Just copy another game and do exactly as they do? No thank you, not interested.


Most of the features in rts is copied from other mobile games already,
Eg. Fac assault is straight from galaxy of heroes


Im sure Galaxy of heroes is not the first game ever that had a Raid Boss event.


Yeah i played too its an interesting feature. That game is setup differently tho for worldmaps you actually walk thru the stage and line up shots. The cost of the zombies to guard your camp was quite high. But there was more strategie in it than i initially thot.
I dont think this game is quite setup like that and i believe this new zombie feature may be similar.
As for the comment above from someone saying “so like another game no thank you” lol where do you think half their ideas come from? Have you ever ventured other games?


exactly. every game is similar to each other, why not make our best

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