Alphas Shotgun. Should be guaranteed in ever 10 pull


Alphas Shotguns isn’t great.
With only one slot having a value of 120 which is on the low side for specials…the weapon would need a lot of work to make it good. And even then would only be good for a Blue guardian or Walkers.
I imagine many would do a complete overhaul.

I don’t see why anyone would pull for this.
I’ve pulled big for weapons before and the chances aren’t great at all in my experience.
Weapons like these are just skins tbh…

They should be a guarnteed bonus for buying 10 instead of increased chances to make it worth while.



The entire concept of “premier arms cache” is a misnomer, and ill conceived. Elite weapon tokens should be revamped to include the craftable items, as well as craft/crit success items, up to tape/kit, and the arms cache should only be weapons (3 or 4 star.) The bonus items need to be tape/kit bags, 4* weapon tokens, and random 4* weapon bags.


all these crappy weapons would be fun prizes.

Pay 2 play weapons are sorta not worth it unless your talking the irreplacable mods.


No thank you. I like getting the weapons from elite tokens, not just parts.


Stun guns…impair guns…and this? ya i’ll pass