Alphabet event, it is hard to get letters

It would be nice if the arenas dropped letters we actually need once in a while…


Got to buy those :rofl:

You title suggests other events have been awesome and well-thought through and it’s only a problem with this particular event.

But I agree. Over-compliczted, too reliant on rng or p2p and very little skill involved. Awful.

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@Dolphins82 Thanks for your post. Arenas dropping letters is one feedback that’s already been escalated to the team.


It’s an rng event. You have to get lucky and use up a lot of resources. 12 tickets of draft for me all the letters. It’s doable if you have the resources.

This event will go down as one of the worst ones in my book


Not doable if you’re in the wrong bucket no matter how much you commit to it. 30 arena entries, all victories so 150 atks and still short 2 letters :man_shrugging:
If they spelt it kayz quon bi I could claim it 5 times over


Still missing an O. And as far as I’m aware, the O hasn’t been a roadmap option - so you can’t even buy them.

I got an N this morning so now just missing that elusive O. It’s so irritating just being short one letter. I stupidly got myself promoted in leagues last week which means I have no shot whatsoever of winning quills in arenas this week.

Really don’t understand a game making you want to hold yourself back for better rewards :roll_eyes:


You spent 30 tickets and you didn’t get top 3 in draft for a feather?

Sounds like the diamond life lol

This is the way to go, get an orange feather, get to pick whatever letter you want.

Who said anything about draft? I burned most of those tickets for old school because my naive ass thought I might get lucky with opponent selection, more fool me. All 5-0 victories, all T2 and still finished shy of 3rd by about 200pts. Currently sitting in 4th for classic too, will no doubt remain there if not lower.

But endurance mode? Nah. I’m not wasting my time and resources going up against players willingly putting up scores like this

That’s what, 25ish entries? And that’s assuming those in the top 3 would’ve stopped using tickets had I actually hit that mark; they wouldn’t. Doesn’t matter how many resources I have because the other guy always has that +1

But let’s assume I did take #1 there - and it has to be #1 because red quills are worthless. Blow nearly all of my ticket supply and for what? One letter. I’m still short the other with no guarantee I’m going to get it. So not only no golden arrow but end up going into the rest of the event on the back foot, no thanks

For good low price of $39.99 you can get your missing letter.

designed prefect.

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Lmao - yeah I have a very limited number of words I can make with J X H M F

Every event past the Michelle and the event where we got hundreds of benny’s will be the worst event on record. But keep spending and keep making this game trashtastic so nothing gets fixed or made for the better quality of the game spenders.

Yeah it sucks
Only letters i seem to get are d, i, c and k


the problem with you escalating to the team is that, by the time you get back to us, the event is already over.

ive spent 20+ tickets and still only finished one arrow. Yet I know there are other people that spent more and finished less than I did. This event is repulsive.

You are making the devoted into haters.


Trash event. Trash rewards. Trash responses about it. Close the app and play Marvel games.

Yup, thats diamond for ya… Ive spent 20+ tickets and hit top 7.

My bucket does not have a bottom…