Alpha weapon ideas

I just built one of those and it’s pretty disgusting damage :+1:

So I suppose I should update:

Managed to get this thing awhile ago (the stun was from long before s-class) and I was gonna reset it if it wasn’t perfect.

So any 4th slot recommendations? Currently thinking 15/35 and giving alpha a crit set.

I would use a different weapon. With 15/35, you rather go attack for the base stat instead of crit. Coupled with the fact that with multiple 15/35, any extra crit above that loses much of it’s value as it operates on a decreasing marginal returns scale.


15/35 is a good choice. Ransack may be funny too, especially against shields or after heal over time triggered, but shines against a good beefed up princess - hit her twice with another toon, then rush with Alpha for a total mayhem :smiley:


Are you some kinda evil genius or something… that’s some 4D chess type of move.


I’m using healing stun and ransack pretty handy. I always planned for Magnified Strikes but stun resists are pretty wide spread at the moment

Yeah might be better when people move on from Stun res

I’d like to take full credit for it, but it is based on an early idea of some other forumer commenting on the “on a roll Doc” as - “I’ll wait for him to max up his atk, then steal it with Ransack”. Of course that approach is quite silly (too long and impractical) while my Berserker exploit is highly utilizable, but I still have to git credit where credit is due :wink:

Because a better Chance is about 30%

Yep that’s what I said above

Men did mit read it exactly sry just fly over. I thought you asked why it’s 30% i am sry

No probs matey

Looks like I have to do some armory research :smiling_imp: