Alpha weapon ideas

I’m closing in on getting s-class alpha. I’m looking for suggestions on what kind of weapon to make for her.

60 crit weapon, because why not

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Might look odd but she is beast with weapon


I don’t think it’s odd; that’s what I plan to craft for her. While healing stun is useful, that +45% atk damage can help secure kills against Trader/tank teams.

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I’m using a splash with 1535 which can do interesting things, but sporadically.

I want a healing stun but Earl will not do what he’s told.

You’re telling him the wrong kind of orders… It’s the same as a deaf dog - he doesn’t respond to fetch, beg, roll over… but if you tell him to sit, he sits.

Just ask Earl to botch your next craft and you’ll see how responsive he can get :wink:

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What’s your experience with the splash damage on the cricket bat? I have a perfect one with 15/35 and I find it pretty useless and not comparable to rampage.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have Alpha super maxed out on attack, but I can’t tell if it is mechanically the same as rampage.

Well, I’m using her with attack up while taunted, so she needs to get taunted and the splash needs to proc so it is very iffy. But she can one shot a whole team with a basic attack if it happens.

Let me do some more testing then… I had her with an ATK when taunted mod, but I didn’t see any significant damage come out.

This one has got my interest. What do you guys think? Just a pity it’s only about a 30% chance of a proc.

30% chance to deal double damage for 75% of the traits? Not really sure it’s worth the hassle, but I dunno how common yellows are in your meta. The more frequent fast trait appears in your opponent teams, the less sense such weapon makes…

Thinking more along the lines of anti Trader who is becoming more and more common.
The 45% attack is what I’m planning on building first though. The other idea is the revive on kill hammer.

I haven’t come across a Trader using defense vs Strong, so the attack vs alert mod alone helps and with the 45% atk weapon, I should be able to kill a Trader with each AR.

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Yeah I use attack vs red mod. 2 or 3 rush taps will smush most of them

How about the one that increases her atk by 200% of her crit value? Combined with modding her on crit and neighbors holding 15/35 weapons she should hit like a train. Any experiences?
(Sorry for german screenshot)

Assume you mod alpha to 40 crits on top of base 10 crits. Surround her with 4x 35 and you get 190 crits. 200% of 190 is 380 - woohoo a massive increase for a 15k Alpha to get 15.4k!

Thank you for your sarcastic answer. I had no idea how that works, thats why I am asking. Anyways, thanks for the explanation.


Yeah, sorry if it came off too brush - sarcasm was aimed at the game as offering such a totally useless option…

I remember a lot of players crafting it thinking it would be 200x the crit stat or 200% of the crit damage or what not, then post around the screenshots of pitiful 20 increase (on a base toon)

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So I managed to replicate the situation that you’re seeing, however, it only seems to work on her basic attack, and not her multi-hit rush… hush hush because it’s OP I guess xD

I dunno if it’s hush because it’s OP or because it has limited practical use. For me it’s great when it goes off but I can’t plan for it, so it’s more like a funny bonus when it happens. Kinda useful for onslaught I find but still, random results not my favourite thing