Alpha the ap team drainer

So max her skill so she can drain 85 ap from teammates :thinking: :rofl:


Ummmmmm, what? What the Hell did they do!?!?

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I just said the same thing in fac chat lmao

Good job Scopes! You truly are the worst now! Pat yourself on the back!


It’s interesting, to say the least, could come in handy after your entire team ar’s.


It’s all others. So she retains her Ap then could rush and have 2 others rush with her next turn.

It’s interesting.


Yes but she’s set up to be a defensive toon. You will have no control over when she uses the skill

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Yeah I think it could be super powerful

This toon would have been interesting pre Alice… she’s meh now against the new meta. For those who have Alice actually.

Beta on the other hand… now there’s an interesting defensive toon if commanded.

Real shame she is (at the moment) in a payment only wheel.

This imo is the biggest issue.

Blue gov will still have 21 ap :grinning:


There are still some legit uses for that active. Like you just used all your rushes and your opponent is about rush back. Or a revive chain is about to go off and you are better just clearing all AP from everyone.

It won’t work at all on defense though. Oh all my teammates have full AP and are about to rush? Let me just clear all that real quick.

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She’s an attack toon at this moment. Fire your teams ar turn three, use her active last in turn three so the chain revives don’t go off… then turn four use her ar first to charge two more of your toons.


Her stats suggest she is defensives which is the opposite of what u want so her weapon goes off. Horrible toon, 85 AP, bound weapon.
She doo doo poo poo platter


Yea but as presently constructed, she would be best used on attack. Don’t see how she has any value on defense really. Super awkward toon.

She won’t do damage on attack, and take forever to AR. At least on defense she gets 40% AP

Blue 85 at least can hold a 20% to self gun

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Not thought out at all. Everything about her screams defense except the active skill. Who the Hell created this toon? AOC?


Doesn’t matter. The wheel design is lower value for more money.

Foolish if you chase for her. Even if you got the promo it’d be 1 of 3 outcomes.

3% chance at an ascendables but 25 pulls for $100. Yeah good luck. Your looking at a money sink. They might as well as just ask players to donate money by direct deposits to their bank account.

Here’s the value difference assuming you paid full value before.


Throw an 8 on her