Alpha surprise box pull thread

Curious to see if anyone gets her.

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2 opens :slight_smile: never normally so lucky


Nice pull

Here’s what I got.


7 pulls, only 5* tokens. cries in a corner.

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Congrats you beat the system. Enjoy Alpha she looks awesome.

20 pulls…nothing like always

:rofl: Don’t mean to laugh but I’ve been there too. Few days ago wasted $30 bucks on the Erika box. Nada. So much regret.

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lol every time I try something premier it goes wrong. Oh well.

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i dont know the actual laws - does this not qualify as a loot crate? even if they are not required, it would be nice if Scopely posted the actual odds. Shady if you ask me

It’s in the works. Just gonna take some more time.

For now I would apply the same odds they put on pulling a 6-star from premiere recruits. So if you want Alpha assume a 1% chance.

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