Alpha roadmap is insane

I gave up at level 5 because Aris and Yvette are annoying plus you can’t play with Alpha on your team. This is the true impossible challege XD.

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Ask in global if a friendly person with an Erika will let you borrow her

She makes it easier, I’m told

Madison too

Could also post your roster, maybe the forum folk could help you make a Nightmare A-Team

I beat it with all 4 stars

Need to find some higher ground, the bullshît is getting pretty deep over here :wink:

4star… weapons :grin::joy:


I had Gov, his impair helped me through but it took a very long time

Carl lead + 3 or more stun katanas = win (but takes a long time)

I really recommend getting josh or Carrie

For this roadmap if you have them
The hundo % reduction is useful because they can’t gain bonus hp so if you can’t stun the aris pop of josh becuz that stop her going I’m tanky for eternity g2 sheilds are also good then your safe

Used Carl as lead, Wyatt, Glenn, Shiva, Shiva. It was a pain in the ass. But I managed to muddle through it. Faction put up high 6* leads to assist when Alpha wasn’t available. Only Wyatt had a stun weapon.

You might say, it’s a nightmare…

Seriously though, not impossible, just difficult and time consuming

I did similar, but went SR Zeke instead of Glenn, Mirabelle lead and Governor. Need that attack boost to kill and Gov’s neutralise stops those endless heal loops

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I gave up at Stage 8, I don’t have a good healer/revive or good weapons to make it viable.
Using Maggie revive/Vincent Lead/Shiva/Blue Mich/Glenn

Boring roadmap with crappy rewards.

SR Zeke. Literally the best 5★ in the game and available to everyone. And best thing is the only reds are Konrad so easy to keep him alive

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The only thing nightmarish about this map was the energy requirements and the repeditivness of it. Only hard part was the 1st time i ran into 2 rominov berserkers. But still plowed thru. Might be cause i have one special toon i got on a single pull that exchasted all my luck. Capture%20_2018-05-19-23-07-22ran the entire thing with the same team. Im running solo in my own 1 man faction so no support and still had no problem other than my unwillingness to burn a can to finish it.

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Red governor will keep them neutered. Leave Aris alone she only heals herself. Kill command Maggie. Then Charley. Yvette, then Aris. She’s tanky but you can just neuter her the whole time on auto. Then build up. Rushes for next round. Rinse repeat.


Shiva and glenn’s confuse help as well as does the impair from gov. All the toons on my team have stun one way or another

If you notice besides Erika that was a single pull the rest of my team is all ftp.

Agreed re the rushes - really helps being able to unleash 6 ARs first round of each wave (except the first obviously).

The five stars (Maggie and Carley) aren’t that tanky. I tended to take down Aris first, then all the 5★ and finish with Yvette. Aris just takes too long to kill if she has the HTL defence buff

Go for the buffers first, then the revive 2nd. Leave Aris till last as she’s pretty much useless, patiently wait for 5 minutes while she goes down on 3x speed.

If you have access to any green shield with an AP down weapon, the entire map becomes much more manageable.