Alpha pull on wrong region

I’ve pulled alpha but in the wrong region, i had seen too late that i wasn’t on my main region :’( is there anything what i can do? I’m not active on the region where i pulled alpha. Its so terrible :confused:
Please help

But of course!
You can pull again on your main region ^o^
Hope it doesn’t cost you too much!


Damn man, you got no chance, sorry buddy.

Tell me you fluked it on a single pull?

No it was a 10pull^^

In a region in which you are not active? Well, …

Bad luck buddy but not a chance.

Unlucky. At least it wasn’t a max pull. But I highly doubt they will help you out there.
I have toons in my old region I wish I could move. Shiva being one. :unamused:

So you were signed into a region where you’re never active? OK… :smirk:

I am worst than you.

8 x 10 pull. 3 x 5 stars only. (I forgot what I have pulled. The toons are too common.)

I am surprised to see I can’t pull Alpha in 8x10 pulls. I will stop pulling anymore.

Lol 2x chances refers to sucking you into wasting your money =-).


OUCH! :persevere: sorry dude. Yeah give up sounds like a good idea :+1:

I complained about a similiar issue, but customer service told me to get bent. I asked them why I never pull anything but three stars, they said keep surviving, we already got your money SUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKAA and kicked me back down the slide like ralphie


They’re not going to help you. Keep spend…umm… surviving.

Tough titties… suck it up sunshine