Alpha nightmare mode


Living the 6* or nah challenging gameplay if ya ask me


This roadmap is definitely harder compared to the last nightmare mode, but geez the rewards got worse, not worth doing.


Why would anyone want to grind a roadmap this hard. So silly.


I want to see if i can complete it. I only have 1 6* green though so this may be a tough go. The last stage i did was 7 and it took me approx 30 mins. The rewards are not so great… the spray paint for 7 was nice but next is a trainer and a super glue. I will not be to upset if i cannot complete anymore, but this is definately what nightmare mode should be… Just need better rewards.


At least theres 5* gear at the end
It yeah im only playing for a challenge
I’ve been using blue abe and he’s been helping me out surprisingly


Now the Nightmare mode is fully speaking for itself. The rewards simply should be a bit better. In other case, they will just be…undesirable.


lmao …
it say … Valuable Rewards …

Epic Gear and walkie talkie, super glue, basic trainer Basil …
wow … soo valuable rewards !!

Good Job Scopely !!

I think at that dificulty level, most of people prefer use theirs cans on weapon part roadmap, gear map … or even … collect glove and t shirt !! haha


Very least, there should be 0 RNG elements to the rewards.


Nightmarishly long to complete but the rewards aren’t really worth the time


So far I’ve been able to auto every level.


I autoed the 6 first, then it went into a loop where no one died.

They don’t hit very hard at all, so think most can complete it if they put the effort into it. It just takes forever with 8 stages of heals and revives.


You should do fine with a shiva and connor
On the same team
My recommendation to beat effectively


I don’t have Connor, but Carl, Shiva, Shiva, Glenn and Zeke worked ok for me. Lots of stuns and shields to prevent them from building up and fire AR.


The rewards aren’t worth the time it takes. I did it more out of intrest of how hard it would get. Turns out it isn’t hard at all just time consuming.


Wasn’t too bad with shiva Carl Glenn zeke. I used a dual blade michonne that really helped out.


It is worth doing for the challenge. Rewards aren’t too good, sure, but the challenge is what makes a game a game.


Rewards, absolutely not. Only finished cuz I started it. Not hard at all. It’s not a nightmare, more like annoyance mode.


Never said it was hard, said it was a challenge. Better than the original roadmaps that have worse rewards and are extremely easy, don’t you agree?


To an extent. Just noticed every gold salvage token I’ve used on the ultra gear map has dropped a crate.


actually its super annoying… PLEASE don’t have a 8 wave map, with like 5 or more of the computer teams just being the same thing over and over. its boring and stupid… if we can beat it once, maybe twice… then we have mastered it. having to repeat it over and over is like being in “edge of tomorrow” “Live, Die, Repeat…” bah monotonous and boring.