Alpha and Harper bugs

Alpha is not decapping on her rush kills some of the time. Also, after I focus the team, Harper will not hit the toon I select. She hits the shield anyways. What’s up with this?

a video will help a lot


I don’t know how to do that. It’s exactly as described. Harper straight ignores focus. She will only hit the shield after focused. Alpha refused to decap a toon 3 times in a series of duels. She was working on most of them, but occasionally she is killing only to have them revived next turn. No video necessary.

Video, please. Anything that happens “some of the time” we need to see all the characters on both teams to understand all the weapons, mods, ARs, active skills, and specialist skills in play. It may be an interaction between two or more of these things that’s very difficult to recreate without knowing what teams to start with.


I don’t know how to do that.I guess I’ll just deal with it.

iOS or Android? Probably someone in your faction who can help, as well, did you verify they’re seeing the same thing?

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