Almost out of Gear Markers What to Do?

I’m a relatively newer player still, 23 max 6*s, just for reference. I think I started right around the beginning of April, so not sure how these cycles might come and go, but…

I haven’t even been going super crazy, I think my highest level up score ever is like 4 million or something. But I enjoy doing pretty much every event and getting at least to the top or near top milestone, and occasionally pushing for top 15/5/3. This is a newish (I think?) Region, or at least a smaller one, so getting to the top milestone always puts you at near the top 50, if not much higher than that.

For a long time, like, during or maybe before the Piper event, I recall that most level ups would reward Gear Markers. Enough gear markers such that my Gear Marker count would increase while buying mass amounts of food for level ups. I think I got up to like 150k markers, maybe even more than that. I thought that this was one of the resources I didn’t need to worry too much about, based on the way they massively stacked up while going hard on food buying. I massively regret it now, but I even bought a few pieces of gear for level ups using the Gear Markers.

But after doing the last few weeks/months of level ups to 2-3M+ (as a mostly F2P player, with the help of the Burts from Piper Event), I’m finding myself now on the verge of having absolutely no food left for level ups. I am aware of and make liberal use of YGL, too.

After the current level up, I estimate I’m gonna be sitting at around 10k markers, which is equivalent to only ~6.67 million food. As a mostly F2P player, I rely a lot more on using 2s to level chars than trainers (I try to level 6s with only trainers, and 4/5s using same-persona 2s). Doing this, I have definitely gotten the 100k food in the Supply Depot into the 800s before, meaning I consumed over 10k food during that level up burst.

I’ve already started selling my 2* gear for markers, and if I sell 100% of the rest of it, it’s about another 15k food.

So in all, I have about 2-3 more level ups before I am 100% out of food and gear markers. What then, I just can’t participate? Until I veryyyyyyyyyyy slowly build my markers back up by selling the 2* gear that I collect and/or farming it up from raids one tiny bunch at a time? Because they have not offered gear markers for level up milestones in AGES now.

It seems very dumb that I would be basically 100% excluded from playing level up events for an extended period due to a basic resource (the MOST basic resource in the game?). Am I missing something? Like another way to get Gear Markers?

I see posts on here of people doing 10M or even 100M points in level up. This surely would take HUGE amounts of Gear Markers. Do old players just a billion of these things saved up? Or else, how?

Thanks for any help.

You can sell gear for food. The yellow boots and stuff like that. Stuff you can farm easy in world map, but yes long time players will have thousands of things like waist packs and helmets that sell for markers. The elite gear and ultra maps also drop markers

any tips on farming? I spend most of my world energy just getting through roadmaps, so don’t do World Map a whole lot, especially lately with all the roadmaps. I have like 2000/2000 rain boots and neckerchiefs at the moment, which is still only like 7 million more food, not exactly a ton, for 100% of what I’ve accumulated over several months of playing…

One of the few things I always buy with coins is the gloves/shirts, cuz, like food, it seems awful to farm for that stuff compared to just spending the couple of $.

oh wait you can get markers themselves from the map I don’t think I’ve seen that… I’ll crush through the ultra gear map right now and see what I get. Good to know, thanks!

You need to use large item bonus leader for the gear maps. It will drop markers every time that way. Anything from 70 - 1000.

wow! Okay that is awesome, thanks!!! One last question if you don’t mind … is there any sort of reliable way to get one of those leaders? I know of Gator from ascending, but haven’t managed to land him since starting the game.

I just recently started using my Medium item bonus zeke to farm easy roadmaps with… Never realized those boosts had much of an effect so I’ve always just used my attack team. Maybe I shot myself in the foot there, ack!

Zeke and a faction support item leader will work. You should also craft high replenish when there’s no level ups running to store your food.

Yep, I’m aware of the crafting tricks.

Just ran a few of these ultra road maps with Zeke, already working! That is HUGEEEE honestly, not sure if I ever would have guessed that secret myself.

Thank you!!! Relieves a lot of anxiety that’s been growing watching my marker count fall and fall and fall… lol. :slight_smile:


Excellent. Keep at it, you’ll soon be back to high numbers. Good luck!

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