Almost 50 days Survivor Club member

… 48 4* from my “Free” perk premier pulls! One non ascendable archaic 5* for fodder, and 5* Blue Barker.

… I have been cooking weapons in the Armory like a madman. Really putting Earl to work. The “No Ingredients” option that SC affords is nice, I have to admit. My weapons cache has improved greatly.

… Still lightyears away from getting Andrea leveled enough to use. Those comic book bags have worse RNG than the premier wheel.

… faster food and material generation is not bad, but I have so much in storage as it is, it just becomes tedious converting everything.

So, being one of the morons that keeps shoveling money out, I can give an honest to goodness critique of SC based on personal experience. Its not worth $25 a month. More like $15, $20 TOPS. Scopely continues to dangle the carrot that us with Stockholm Syndrome drool over. If they actually treated customers well, and made actual perks matter, it would be a different story.

Oh, and I log in and donate hours of my time daily to this game. Still no Benedicts. And honestly, I don’t expect any. Awesome customer treatment, Scopes, when customer knows it will be disappointed before you even do anything.


Although you know you shouldn’t be forking out $25 a month for it, you do it anyway which supports Scopely. This is part of the problem why things remain unchanged. You want something to change, but the thing you actually want to be changed you’re still paying for and supporting. That’s a motive for a company like Scopely to not change.


I have the worst luck. And I think I am on the Scopely HATE list.

ANd thanks Killa-K, I love being condescended to by a stranger. I have to assume that you still play the game, or else why would you remain on the forum?? All the players who DONT spend a dime, but continue to log in and play, well, that inflates the numbers and a company like Scopely can trumpet an inflated player base. WE ALL play a part in the cluster that is Scopely and the RTS “teams”


Yeah we all play, some free and some p2p. However, if you’re going to pay for something you don’t like and know isn’t worth it (and continue to pay for) then how does it even make sense to be bitching about it and expecting something to change?

not just him, i have been here since day 1 and no 6* either. 4* 44 and more 4*. even with the weekly bonuses its still not worth it. 25 is way off, even 20. 10$ maybe? no required items is nice, but its not like i had an issue with them before. if it included unlimited dt/pk then sure. and i agree that rng is bs on comic bags. 2 of the 3 bags are almost always 2 comics, if not all 3. The problem is going to come once we get towards the 3 month mark. as players start to get the comics to t4 andrea, they are no longer going to need the SC. which means they will probably be dropping a new toons. but what happens to players like me, im only at 21/28 comics at t2, so i need 47 more comics. even if they drop a new toon, im gonna be so far behind the 8 ball that it doesnt make sense for me to go to another toon because the cost is going to keep scaling as comic book quantities are never going to meet the needs required to actually use these toons.

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None of that matters if you’re just going to continue paying though right? Like I said, you can’t legitimately complain about something and expect a change if you’re just going to continue on paying whether there is a change or not. Lo$$ is the only thing that will force a type of change people are looking for.


Part of the forum is to discuss things. You think I am bitching, but I am sharing my experience, and maybe, just maybe through the magic of communication I will find somebody with a similar experience. That is commiseration. And, by extension, I may find someone who has had a positive experience. That opens up a chance for dialogue.

Don’t read it if you don’t want to be a part of it. Your viewpoint is simplistic, and I don’t mean that as an insult. You see a logic expression that would read A=Spending, B=Playing and C= experience. Your mathematical sentence would basically say B-A= +C.

Ok, great. But what I am saying on the FORUM that Scopely provides and REQUESTS feedback on, is the value does not measure to the price. Will they make a change if I stop spending altogether? Just me?? NO F-ing way, so maybe if I keep expressing my opinion, it will catch the right person on the right day, and something might change.

That is called Hope by some, Stupidity by others. I get it, but if you aren’t here to talk about your SC experience, please seek attention elsewhere.

Thanks, and keep on surviving.


Collected from store…

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League Store? Supply depot? Offers screen? The bit I read said inbox, then I read it will be in your “Shop”

My point is, have not seen them in any of those places and I checked everyday.

I got 8 6*
30something 5* and a lot of 4*s so far.
Considering you get to pull in all regions, the value ain’t to bad imo.

Maybe yours, but for a week I watched and logged in and watched and logged in and watched and logged … never showed up.

That’s my point. And I highly doubt I am the only slob who is still pulling the Travolta move from Pulp Fiction and looking around confused…

Where are my Bennies, man??

Unfortunate. Hope this works out for you.

Have you tried being polite to in game support?

Thank you, and yes. I am being sarcaustic and snarky here. But being very matter of fact and polite to Support.

I get the same form answer each time “the reward will be paid out on 1/17, wait and watch” And I am paraphrasing, of course.

So I waited and watched. Now waiting for Support response, now that it is 1/18… It is encouraging to read that it did work for others, and my experience is likely just a snafu or something.

I haven’t gotten a special on a weapon since SC started. Only got one ascendable from those pulls too.

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Killa-K is right. The only way to make a company change is to stop giving them your money until they release a product people want.

If the members club is that bad, stop buying it and find another, better, game to spend your money on.


Attack of the Alternate accounts…

You have reached me, I will stop spending, and when the change finally comes, I will know it was all because of me tightening the purse strings. Thank you. Thank you so much.


Oh here we go… the age old argument.

For one, I am not mad. And I take it you didn’t read the initial post. SOur grapes over the price? Yes. Basically saying its not worth the money? Yes again.

All of the “Life Coaching” advice givers offered it up unsolicited. And also, as I said, I am seeking feedback from other people for shared experiences.

If I want to have a little fun and be sarcastic, in specific to all the unwanted advice, I get comments like yours, PRegolori, calling me a hypocrite. In so many words, of course. Few people come right out and say what they mean…

Here come the inevitable bandwagon hoppers, gonna jump on and say YEah, what she said!!

You sure showed me…

I personally don’t do the Survivor’s Club and I encourage others not to, but the least Scopely can do is get their stuff straight. You would expect members of SC to be treated a lot better than people who aren’t a part of it.

It’s your money, dude. Do with it what you will. Scopely has a terrible track record, so you shouldnt be surprised when they overcharge, overpromise and under deliver.

And it is a fools Gambit to argue with people on these forums. Everybody is right, and you are always wrong. You can’t change minds, and it’s a waste of time and energy to try.

That being said, also a SC member. Pretty sure there are a lot more out there than will admit it. My results have been very similar to yours. I expect that’s the norm. It will all fall apart after people finally tier 4 the “free” Andrea…

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