Allowing Fac leaders to use teammate teams

As a leader I often get asked by teammates how to improve their teams.

While looking at what’s available in friendly duels is somewhat helpful, it would be great if I could actually have the ability to fight using their teams.

If you want to keep things fair, so that ppl don’t take advantage of this option, you could make it so the teams can only be used in duels.


This would have been good in Onslaught, Leaders could have directed action a bit more, it would have added another strategic dynamic to that event.

I would hate to see this become a situation where we are doing everything for them though, I guess as leader we would set our own limits on how much we did for our players.

I like the thought though.

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Weve been asking to duel our own team since duels came out

It’s called screenshots on the line app. Scopely are never going to let players see other rosters in that level of detail.

That said, i’d Like to see an arena where you can see rosters and you build a defence team from their roster. Then they have to kill themselves building a team from your roster. That would be awesome.

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