Allow us to Toggle chats on or off and make faction chat the default


Seriously 5 swipes to get to our faction chat and now the war log isn’t even next to it either. So that’s, even more, swipes to go back and forth. Thanks for nothing.

Is it really too much to ask that you allow us to toggle off the chats we determine are useless to us? Why do you insist on ignoring feedback that players want and would cost next to nothing to implement?

We want faction chat to open as the default at all times. We want the ability to turn off useless league chats and disable the territories info if we choose to do so.


I wish we had the option to turn chats off period. I hate gc & event chats, now gotta deal w/league chats on top of it.


I’m really shocked they haven’t fixed this yet … oh wait no I’m not they are busy pumping out 8 promos per month


This. Do this rfn


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