Allow us to click and hold when selling weapons


Allow us to click and hold when selling weapons, we can sell 2 and 1* weapons for food but we need to select one by one wich sux. Please allow us to auto-sell those weapons for food.

Also, when selling ingredient’s for food, allow us to sell faster, when selling 20k ingredient’s that are worth each 100 food it take’s almost one hour, that is pretty stupid.


Actually you can press and hold to sell weapons. It only selects all of the exact same weapon but it does speed things up a bit.

Completely agree about the selling ingredients thing. That is so annoying.


Incorrect. You can only press and hold when disassembling, not when selling.


My bad. You’re right. I usually only disassemble. I probably should start selling instead.


Yeah, to disassemble it is alright, but i need to sell it since i need food




Thanks guys!

I agree, this would be awesome Designers do too. It’s on the list!