Allow first place to choose.. money idea


Yeah yeah I haven’t heard this one yet so I’ll take the credit I think first place should be allowed to choose which color can they want. Second-place and third-place Remains the Same as it is. I do believe that this would motivate people to try to take first place. To be honest with you it’s kind of hard to play the points game when you don’t need a war can or you have a hundred of them and you could really use a raid or a world or even better yet why don’t you start putting in territorial cheap bastards


He means:
First place person in each war should be able to choose if they want a war, raid, or world energy refill.

I like the idea


Yeah man thank you there’s times that I’m safely in second place and I have hits to use and I won’t even hit it because I’m afraid to take him first place and ruining my RAID can


I’d actually cash in a war can or two just to fight for first place if I could choose between the three it makes a lot of sense on their end that around very focused on it and I think it’s a good idea


Why not 1st gets his or her choice of can, 2nd gets a choice from the remaining two, and 3rd gets the one not chosen.


Hey if it creates a little motivation I’m with it


Lmao at anyone thinking that could be implemented bug-free


I like the idea but its hard to accomplish. If 1st is away from the game the other 2 won’t get their rewards until he decides. Best way around that is a timer. After a certain few minutes pass they automatically get 1 picked for them and everyone gets random rewards or it goes back to current structure.


That’s in response to @IronandWine’s comment.
But if it was strictly 1st chooses what ever they want and 2nd gets raid can and 3rd gets world can that would work a lot easier.


Timer works. If you don’t pick in 15 sec choice goes to 2nd, then 3rd if 2nd is not there and finally if no one picks it’s either random or exactly the way it is now war, raid, and energy can.


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