Allow crafting of gloves and shirts

Here is a new idea I thought I would entertain here. I was on the kick about what to do with 1* trainers that are still available without being able to convert them to trainers since the 25.0 update.

The crux of that thought was that they took away the ability to convert food and survivors alone into level up XP. Most of y’all just came out wanted to drop the idea of 1* all together, fine

how about this then allow the workshop to craft gloves and shirts with food and wood. There seems to be consensus that gloves and shirts are often in short supply and now without 1* its only going to get worse. So allow a way to convert extra resources into something that helps generate 2* trainers.


Or give league coins back so we can afford em again

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Or slay the 1*s & take their gloves & shirts!


In all seriousness, c’mon Scopely, the game desperately needs a way to dump excess resources into XP. Either through 1* trainers or additional gloves and shirts.

I think people will begin to find, very shortly, that we will no longer run out of shirts and gloves since we no longer need to run persona specific TGs and save food (and half the amount of shirts and gloves) by running Adrenaline Rush specific TGs instead.

I would be shocked if that actually became true. I grind 7-1 hard and if I still only train toons that take 1 glove or 1 shirt, the training grounds easily outpaces the rate I farm gloves and shirts.

I would like to train even more but I can’t get the gear to keep up with demand, especially with 3 lvl events a week.


I only ever trained the first 4 programs for 2 stars amd I always need to drop coins on more gloves and shirts


Great idea, never expect it to happen😔

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Or they should change timer for special training that gives 3star 15minute instead 2 days

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The timer isn’t the only thing that needs changing, it takes too much food, too many survivors and gear that isn’t available in as big a quantity as shirts and gloves.

The whole training ground needs an overhaul to bring it out of the 4 & 5* era. I dont think it’s been changed since the beginning, it’s well overdue an update.

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CJ you are right, it has been neglected for a long time.

In some ways thats fine, it is a constant and it means that you can build long term strategies around training and gear.

In other ways, its also terrible because the resource costs and timers are so far out of whack with the current game economy that most of the options in there are pointless. I have thousands of hard hats and vests that ill never use because a 2 day timer for a 3 star toon is just ridiculous.

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