Allow Black Market collections to extend past final maps

I give you an instance to consider. The Beach Bash event ends in about 20 hours. The Beach Brawl roadmap expires at the same time, in about 20 hours. Based on the timing of how this event ends, I don’t have a chance to spend my final beach balls, on a final Beach Brawl roadmap, which means I don’t get the chance to obtain the maximum number of umbrellas to trade in.

I think you should be able to run the final road map on an event and the collection milestones have completed and still have time left to make your collections or black market purchases.

You are allowed to complete the roadmap before it ends you know?

Agreed it could be extended but hardly the most broken thing in the game right now.

They do generally give an extra day if it’s needed, but in this case it isn’t.

Just complete the missions and the roadmap before the timer expires and you will have time to spend your umbrellas. There’s a whole 24 hours in which to do it, it’s not difficult.

maybe I’m not being clear in what I think is a problem.

The beach ball milestones, roadmap, and black market exchange all end at the same time. What is going on is that I finished the roadmap, so I can run it again. I am still collecting beach balls because the event is continuing, but I won’t get a chance to use these final beach balls on the roadmap.

Maybe this is a fluke of timing in my account and isn’t actually a problem, totally possible.

If you’ve finished the roadmap but are still collecting beach balls from the missions then it seems you are out of sync and maybe missed a day on the roadmap or something.

You will just need to spend the beach balls on wave tokens instead.

He purchased additional balls or missed the roadmap

I have this issue but realised I’d missed 1 days roadmap

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