Allow 5* weapon to revert

I think it’s lame the move to 5* is a one way street. I get the idea, you make your choice, but in the era of s class, I think you should be able to revert back to 4*.

For regular weapons this isn’t that big a deal, but with character weapons, it prevents you from taking a toon in a different direction down the road. Say you get some new characters, the meta changes, whatever, you want to try a new team. If you locked in character weapons at 5*, you may be sunk when developing a new strategy.


I think this is the reason they allow us to swap weapons, so we aren’t stuck with that one weapon that is bound to a toon. You can always craft more weapons specifically for a toon and swap it (even tho it takes a long time and a lot of resources to craft the things you want)

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Not all toons can swap out their exclusive weapon. I’m pretty sure James and Tyler can’t. Same goes for Erin.

Atleast I haven’t been able to, nor have I seen any without their exclusive weapon.

Any bound weapon can be swapped. You just need to 5* it and research weapon swapping.

For some toons, the default weapon is unique and good enough you wouldn’t normally want to swap it.

Oh, well now I look dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all good :blush: everyone misses some details.

Edit: ooooooh. I know what the confusion is - swapping out the weapon actually copies the stats from the other 5* weapon onto the bound weapon. So, visually James will still wield a stop sign and Tyler will still wield a bottle. But, the stats have been changed. We still use the word “swap”, even though it’s really “copy the stats from this other non-bound weapon”

This is very true. Princess for instance has that atk boost machine gun, you’d have to be crazy to want to swap that out.

But I still think you should be able to fully reset a weapon. Let us play our way

Then the forums will start filling up with people complaining that they accidentally reset their weapon because it wasn’t clear. Leave it like it is.


Hmmm… I never used her weapon tbh I 5* it to swap

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By this logic we should still be in the 5* era because ascendance is too complicated…

I’m guessing you have never been here for a big change. Heck, the collect all button had a good run in here because people hit it without understanding it. That being said I understand your plight but there are options for other weapons.

Agree - the risk of a drunk reset is not worth the option of completely changing a weapon you’ve already crafted up.


Exactly, and the cost versus the amount available in the wild to craft a weapon isn’t worth it.

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Don’t see the benefit at all? before you 5* the weapon most folk have aimed for the perfect 4* craft… then you 5 * an lock in those stats but can still reset any future crafts…

I can see why would recraft slot 4, but in the most the basic stats before would be what always go for…

an as pointed out go further switch weapon as would with any toon

Drunk reset LOL. I would love to know how many support tickets scopely gets to undo tequila mistakes.

Still, that’s not my problem. Wanting to change the build on a special weapon as my teams develop is.

I, too, have ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ after 5*ing some bound weapons that I can’t use for the current meta.


There’s a reason why Scopely lets us get 2 of each S Class toon (except for Pete for some reason)…and now you know why! :joy:

Having to double up on an s class just to get a different weapon is the worst kind of work around.

Scopely can’t protect drunken resets any more than it can protect against drunken 5* locks. At least if you allow a reset there is a way out

You don’t have to have 2 S-Class to change weapon though. You can just swap the stats on the bound weapon with any other non-bound 5* weapon if you have one.

I’m struggling to understand what the benefit would be to being about to downgrade from a 5 star to a 4 star.

Swapping weapons is great, except that a lot of s class toons have special weapon abilities you wouldn’t be able to get on a swapped weapon.

As to why you would want to downgrade? To reset and change your build. Might now happen all the time, but as more toons come out and the meta changes, I would like the ability to adapt as I see fit and that includes changing the craft set on anyone in my roster