All yellow team build input


The core team listed above.
The candidates below.

Zeke has always been a staple for me but his rush gets redundant with Lydia.

Maggie has never excited me and this never been used but maybe brings enough disruption/debuff to the table here to be useful.

Yumiko I’m on the fence with. If she pops elusive on a shield that could be gross.

Unfortunately this game does not support play testing in an economical fashion due to mod removal costs Any input from you guys? Aiming for a time out, has work decently well when I had Carl before and Ezekiel


Two Jesus shield damn nice I’m a lil jealous lol, I’d just use zek those g2 shields r nice


Duels… And lowkey maggie can be annoying.


Yeah zeke. Guardian the double shields and or lydia allowing for her to take less hits even if focus is used


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