All Weapon Specials For All Weapon Types - Who Says No?


Since some people feel like the armory is balanced, why not eliminate trait specific weapons specials and allow all weapon traits to use all specials? This would make team building much more unique.

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Nope…would be very bad.


It’s already bad by how much hard it is to get special stats like Absolute Defense or -% AP when Defending, and especially Stun when Defending.

It would become a nightmare to face a full Absolute Defense or Stun rainbow team.


Yep, full stun rainbow


I’d love more weapon

absolute def blues or greens could be cool.

stun on defense green or blues again would be cool.

but yeah… scopely is probably never gonna give us more armory good stuff.

They are too busy making new weapons that no one is ever gonna buy.


You can do the same so what’s the problem?


Because the more avaiability of those Special Stats for other Traits would become extremely unbalanced, especially if there are hackers, or whales on a certain Server/Region.

I’ve already had enough with Konrads and Shieldshonnes with AD and Garrets with Stun guns.


You JUST called it balanced, now you want to unbalance it? No. Thanks.


Might as well go double attack on a kukri and make Joshua similarily strong to Alpha. So many bad results can happen from this.


They will sell you these special trait weapons on different traits but never free to play and it should never be free to play.


Again, you could do the same. Ranged teams are already really weak and a change like this would make teams less one-dimensional. Double atk kukri sounds strong but what about AD on Tyreese?


Saying this would be unbalanced is just silly.

And also, this will never happen, keep dreaming all around