All we really want is War Cans!


I am not here to get mad and freak out or tag the forum leaders since it doesn’t seem to do much, however after warring for the entire weekend I can tell you I have only gotten 8 war can drops. I am a player who spends quite a bit of money on this game as im sure most who come on the forums are. Although it seems as of late most of my money have been going towards war cans because of the low drop rate and I am here because it has bugged me enough to say something.

Lets just look at the system or game nature for a second. At the moment the game totally war based, people pretty much are only still playing for war or their faction mates since the rest of the rewards suck. So if we are “being forced” to pay for cans so we can war sooner or later more and more people will quit. I am totally fine with shit rewards but let people be able to grind in war and have fun by increasing the drop rates. I would have happily spent $100+ on the A New Threat Negan this weekend but didnt because it went towards the cans offers. It is just the little things, instead of everything having to cost money you make the best thing (being war) free and the rest will follow.

I guess the TLDR is is you want people to stick around make warring (cans specifically) drop more so we have more coins/money to spend on repairing in war, weapons, new toons, etc.

Thanks fkr Reading!


Ah. But herein lies the problem. You bought the offers. Scopely engagement reports reflect this, and the current business model is proven successful, so next time they will try and see if you’ll buy the same offer -1 can.


my only drops so far


That’s the trouble with RNG. I made it to 100k without a single can drop. Then playing free energy up to about 130k I gained back 15 cans. (Granted some were from


Then you are quite the lucky fella. CRW being incredibly competitive its unrealistic to just use natural nrg, if you are able to wicked but to most thats not a reality.


We’re a 4-5 month old region matched up against many others. Placing about 13th. We aren’t going to win top 3 with this setup. While I can win my matches many teammates wouldn’t have a hope for a few more months yet. But just the 4-5 energy I get (plus in several wars I’m the only one who can score so MVP by default).

It’s not the ideal, I’m not saying it’s even ok. Just that -some- can be had. But if you’re in the kind of competition where everyone has to coin like mad and drop 60+ cans a war you certainly won’t be able to keep full


There is a tricky way to get free cans from wars. Im sure scopely don’t know about it.
If you are in a good faction you will find the way too.
One of my teammate got 40 drop cans so far and war is not over yet :slight_smile:


I am in the top faction of my region and 100-1 atm in the CRW I have 140k war score with barely any drops. Just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. 40 drops would be nice :joy: