It would be nice if everyone to support us to quickly reach the milestones in walkers hordes we put teams with only one character. It would save time in each assault


Once I get a decent team it doesn’t matter but I always put mine down after the stash bs.


Pensando que el evento dura poco, todos necesitamos esas máscaras de caminantes, Lucilles rotas y vendajes sangrientos

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ive kept my defense on hordes down the last 2

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Thinking that the event is short-lived, we all need those masks of walkers, broken Lucilles and bloody bandages

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Defo I’m always down now, apart from War🤗


hey @Panic0se how ya been bro? long time no see

but to answer, it would be nice to see this happen but I fear the good majority won’t because of pride and ego all masked in the excuse of “competition”


Oh stop it, hordes is the second best event and we also need it for piper


True, all need them but there will always be a bunch who doesn’t lower their teams.

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Supposedly, challenging your own defense counts towards pathways achievement, but don’t quote me on that…

Make sure to hit up solo league chats in game also.

Drop. Dont drop. Idc, imma still beat ya. :joy:

I support this 100% but we all know that almost players are too selfish for this. A colletive defense drop would be more efficient than useless #PlayersUnited tag



@Plagueis hi my friend

@Wanderer @Kodak_black @kookland

support this proposal, hordes will last for a short time and it is not worth the effort, it would be easier for everyone to reach the milestones of lucilles and banditas masks

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I don’t understand what I’m supporting but I gotcha @Panic0se I agree 100% with what u got to say

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pretty sure JB said you could play against your own defense and it count towards the pathways mission for hordes

The milestone says to complete horde attacks, not win attacks. So even if you lose everything, you can still get the milestones.

He said you could, but he took it back. There’s a good chance that it won’t count anymore.

well will definitely be interesting to see what the case is and it’s based on matches not wins, correct?