All these changes are not what I wanted

Yes prestige, think Yvette is available elsewhere

Its good to see 4*'s and prestige call it quits. That relationship was toxic af.

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Yes it was

The big surprise has to be Camilla but every wheel needs to have at least 1 game changer. I don’t think that’s too much to ask

Camilla is a fantastic toon. Her kit is just super solid.

I have elodie, but can’t figure out what to do with her weapon. Any suggestions?

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If Camilla is the best toon in the refresh then yeah again this won’t help anything lol

Have you tried preperation-h? Maybe some gold bond? Might help with the chapped/ hemorrhoidal attitude. :man_shrugging:

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DONT YOU DARE say a bad word about mah boi Jackson! :joy:

I wish they finally upgrade his Lead skill since Camilla is somewhat FTP now. But never gonna happen for a legacy toon :laughing:


Shes my unicorn and i hope i finally get her!

He is on my michelle team and he stuns a lot, when you stun the enemy team round 1 lololol

I look forward to trying him out, follow up toon and Morgan is prob my favorite character in TWD

Finally will have a red revive lol

He is amazing! I have rushed 4 times in a row with his 3rd slot weapon special.

Easily will replace yellow shiva

He is a beast!

A red disarm for michelle team!


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