All these changes are not what I wanted

I’m not interested in this. I don’t care about wheel changes, more 4* and 5*Where is the level cap increase at!!!
Not satisfied.
Give me player levels or give me death!


Stfu, nobody cares


No one cares, they won’t change the changes just for you


We’re literally getting content refresh and your here complaining about level cap stfu


I would honestly rather have the crashes and glitches fixed than any sort of content. Start with the fundamental problems first.


No!!! Give me levels I don’t care about you or your wants. Give me what I want. NOW!!! I’m not kidding.
Give me levels or give me death.
Now you shut up

Tantrum rant huh.

Increasing the level is a good idea.
Especially since we are all about to have the age of the duplicates on us.


Im more interested in the content refresh than levels


Here is death, sorry no one showed up to your funeral



Death is inevitable


Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

U WILL DIE :crazy_face:

Lol you actually think they are gonna put useful toons in these ftp wheel :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Any content refresh is fine by me

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Yeah, Camilla isn’t useful at all :joy:

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Yea i am surprised by the toons they are adding, some damn good ones. And OP they said level cap increase is coming, these things take time to develop, and this is a huge and much needed update


I count around 15 that could still get some use from people. Most aren’t big gap closers but still could be useful. Camilla will help close some of the gap though


If this isn’t going to make some happy then it’s not going to get much better for you.

They added what I would consider some game changing toons. If players were expecting diego, Alice, Amber or Doc Stevens, then you were bound to disappointed.

But after that, the next two that come to mind are harper (at least they kind of sort of had her up) and blue Morgan, who is now in the wheel. In addition:

Camilla can now finally wash out the bad taste that Jackson left for many.

Blue chonne can now be combined with blue earl against all these annoying reds.

Ajax is an amazing attack shield once you finally get stun on that weapon.

Elodie is a nice and pesky defensive toon. I have always found her to be the tankiest one even with defense down and attack up.

Marlon and Rosie will go nice with Camilla if blues ever make their way back on defense.

*** not to be underrated: Red Hershel in elite character tokens. If you manage to get him, that’s a great find.

I know the four toons I mentioned above kind of glue all these toons together, however we are talking about steps. The more pieces we can add to the f2p arsenal the better. And then hopefully one day, they can get an Alice or Diego type toon.


I would add in Erika, Louis, Yvette, Martinez, Chris , Rick, tobin, Barker as usable toons

Those are in the prestige recruits right? Those tokens are a lot harder to come by. But yes. Nice additions to there as well.