All The Pulls Chances

ok, i really really wanna know, with all the “pulls” and opening boxes and crates, does it make any difference in the chances whether you open one at a time or open 10 or more at a time? (i don’t think you can open more than 10)


We were told it makes no difference. It’s up to you if you want to read anymore into that or not.

If you’re spending coins the 10 pulls and 40 pulls are better value

If you’re talking tokens then it’s just quicker to open 10 and not tap a lot

so, it’s just that the value is better, doesn’t necessarily mean the chances are higher… oh well, i guess it’s pretty much the same for all games.

anyways, thanks guys.

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It’s more complex but they explain it as a dice roll! You roll one die 10 times or you roll 10 dice once, the odds don’t change. Goodluck with your pulls tho

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