All the problems i have with this game @gr.scopely

So many problems and nothing get solved

4hours past and stil no lvl up milestone recieved

Tapjoy offers completed no coins and no possible way to contact them

Support is not solving problems or reading the messages you send with screenshots

Arena kicked me out and lost score just resets and cant do more hits

Gift box not in inbox

@gr.scopely fix this mess

@Heather23 - I read you. I have escalated those issues when they have discovered or brought to me.

I am still waiting to hear from the team on each of the listed items above.


6 hour and stil no milestone rewards from lvl up

After 17h i get a
The message was i can see you did not recieved the milestone or gift box check forum for more info lmao how incompentend are they

this is what response I got from the forum after being told my gift box had been sent… still not received

Yeah walking dead rts has become.a unwanted child from.scopely after the whole pu started all these bugs appeared and now support isnt helping anymore just pull the damm plug out of this game if you cant set things straight.scopely

Yup. I sent them a message about a game crash problem and they replied asking what territory I was attacking. I’d already said it was happening after receiving a large amount of survivors on the world map but just goes to show they’re well aware of the territory crashing issue and not doing a lot about it!

That’s it? I was expecting a half hour read.

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I’ve been locked out and completely unable to access the game for six days. This happens all the time. Ticket open for 6 days and support does nothing.


all these little problems that should be so easily fixed but are ignored. Roadmaps that dont appear but no one can start them, issues with poor planning of transfers and war start times the list is endless.

Whats that people are using our designed game mechanics of having coins apply across all regions and are joining factions to get free coins !!! those filthy oportunists to the bat cave and launch non stop faction events right away lol

After a full day stil no milestone.rewards in my inbox the rest of the problems stil not fixed @GR.Scopely

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